OWASA Seeks Community Feedback on Plan for Increasing Long-Range Water Supply Resiliency

OWASA is updating the community’s 50-year Long-Range Water Supply Plan to ensure that we can supply reliable and high-quality water to our growing community and economy for generations to come.

In updating our Long-Range Water Supply Plan, we used our 50-year forecasts to evaluate the need, costs, and benefits of various alternatives to increase the resiliency of our water supply.

In the long-run, our current water supply in the Cane Creek Reservoir, University Lake, and the Quarry Reservoir is most at risk in an extended drought, particularly with increased demand. Our evaluation determined that Jordan Lake offers the most resilient, cost-effective, and viable opportunity to meet future water demands.

Taking steps to secure access to our Jordan Lake allocation will significantly reduce the near-term and long-term risk of drought restrictions, surcharges, and, ultimately, running out of water. Accessing the Jordan Lake allocation through our regional partnerships also has the potential to achieve economies of scale on water treatment and transmission expenses.

Our community has been and remains committed to water conservation, efficiency, and reclaimed water use. These efforts have allowed OWASA to make the most efficient use of our current water supplies and investments in water treatment infrastructure.

You can learn more about the Long-Range Water Supply Plan and the next steps in this interview discussing the topic as part of the Wonderful Water series with WCHL.

We hosted a webinar in November 2020 to invite questions, concerns, and feedback on the decisions ahead of us. This feedback will be incorporated into the OWASA Board of Director’s consideration of next steps on the Long-Range Water Supply Plan in the Spring of 2021.