Past Meetings on Energy Management

April 13, 2017: The Board of Directors approved the energy management plan for reducing electricity and natural gas use, and agreed to have further discussion in the fall of 2017 regarding options for converting biogas from the Mason Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant to usable fuel. Meeting summary: here

September 8, 2016: OWASA Board of Directors' meeting including discussion and approval of energy management evaluation criteria and approach, including incorporation of a Social Cost of Carbon. Meeting summary: here

August 24, 2016Natural Resources and Technical Services Committee Meeting on evaluation criteria, stakeholder engagement plan and social cost of carbon. Meeting summary: here.

April 25, 2016: Natural Resources and Technical Services Committee Meeting on energy use trends,  revised charter for the energy management plan, and developing the energy management program and plan. Meeting summary: here

June 25, 2015 - The Board of Directors received a staff presentation including a review of past energy use, energy efficiency improvements and potential goals for energy management. Please click here for the agenda materials.

March 17, 2015 – the Board of Directors’ Natural Resources and Technical Systems (NRTS) Committee met to discuss staff’s baseline assessment of energy use, an assessment of our energy management efforts to date, and potential goals and objectives for energy management. The meeting agenda and materials can be viewed here.  A summary of the meeting can be viewed here.

April 28, 2015 -- the NRTS Committee met to discuss:

  • revisions to the draft Technical Memorandum (TM) titled Baseline Assessment of Energy Use; Overview of Energy Management Strategies to Date; and Potential Goals and Objectives for Energy Management. The draft TM has been revised to address the Committee’s comments at the March 17th meeting; 
  • potential goals and objectives for the Energy Management Plan; and 
  • estimates of the range of energy savings if OWASA implements the proposed projects in the draft Capital Improvements Program (CIP) for fiscal years 2016-2020.

To view the full meeting agenda, please click here.  The meeting summary can be viewed here.