Security Deposits

We may require security deposits from customers to ensure payment of the final bill, largely depending on your creditworthiness. More specifically, security deposits shall be required on all accounts except:

  • Residential customers, whether detached or attached units, who have a satisfactory credit history as determined by a credit check.
  • Local, State and Federal governments or agencies.

Security deposits shall be required for accounts other than these above, totaling either $50 or $100 depending on credit score for residential customers. All security deposits must be paid at the time application for service is made and in advance of service initiation.

Any residential customer whose service has been disconnected for non-payment of billing charges twice within a six-month period of time and who has not previously given a security deposit will be required to pay a security deposit of $50 or $100 (depending on creditworthiness) before reconnection of service. Repeated disconnections will require additional security deposits until the customer has accumulated a security deposit balance which will cover an average of three months’ billing charges.

Non-residential security deposits may be required based on creditworthiness and will be computed as one or two times the average monthly bill of the previous customer at the same location over the past calendar year. If there is no previous customer at the service location, the security deposit will be determined by OWASA based on the best information available, such as our experience with similar businesses.

Security deposits may be refunded upon written request after the customer has established a satisfactory payment history for 12 consecutive months. Otherwise, security deposits will be applied to the final bill when a customer’s account is terminated.