General Statute 132-1.1, Public Enterprise Billing Information, states that billing information compiled and maintained by a city or county or other public entity providing utility services in connection with the ownership or operation of a public enterprise is not a public record as defined in General Statute 132-1 unless the city or county determines it will be useful or necessary to assist bond counsel, bond underwriters, underwriters’ counsel, rating agencies, investors or potential investors, the city, county or State, law enforcement, public safety, fire protection, rescue, emergency management, or judicial officers.

In order to protect the privacy of individual customers’ billing records, OWASA does not disclose information unless otherwise approved by the Executive Director.


The Executive Director is authorized and empowered to interpret and implement on behalf of Orange Water and Sewer Authority the Resolution of the OWASA Board of Directors Adopting a Policy on Confidentiality of Individual Customers’ Billing Records. Such administrative actions may be taken without further authorization by the Board of Directors.