Dobbins Dr. Water and Sewer Line Replacement

OWASA’s contractor is continuing work on Phases 3 and 4 (see map below), which includes replacement of the sewer line in Dobbins Drive and next to Fordham Blvd. Phase 4 work in the western portion of Dobbins Drive is anticipated to be complete by the first week of September. Resurfacing Dobbins Drive will likely be completed during the month of September and will require resumption of road detours. The sewer line installation is expected to be completed in October.

This project is critical to ensure reliable wastewater collection.

The work will continue to involve digging a trench, installing new sewer lines in between Dobbins Drive and Fordham Boulevard, and restoring the pavement or grassy area where new pipes are installed.

The work will involve noise, dust, and mud.

The pavement over the work area may be initially rough and bumpy until final asphalt restoration has occurred. Some of the work will impact traffic on nearby roadways.

• During Phase 4 (ongoing through early September): Dobbins Drive will be closed periodically during the workday (typically 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) to ensure the safety of the contractor and the general public. Traffic will be detoured through Summerfield Crossing and Foxcroft Drive during the work in Dobbins. Some of the paving work may occur at night.

• During Phase 3 (September through November): work along the Fordham Boulevard (Hwy 15-501) shoulder will occur during business hours, 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., and traffic along Fordham may be slowed due to the closure of one southbound turning lane. A concrete barrier will be installed on the shoulder to protect the contractor and the public.


Contact Project Manager Simon Lobdell via email or (919) 537-4247

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