Kings Mill-Morgan Creek Water Line Replacement

OWASA crews are replacing water lines in the Kings Mill-Morgan Creek area. A summary of the current sequence and status as of March 30, 2021, is below:

North Hawthorne Lane
South Hawthorne Lane
Morgan Creek Road and Bear Lane (Between 614 and 634 Morgan Creek Road)

Coker Lane
Coker Drive (Portion beyond Morgan Creek Road)

Work Ahead:
Kings Mill Road (Driveway between 904/910 Kings Mill Road)
Sourwood Circle (Portion beyond Sourwood Drive)
Bartram Drive and Shady Lane



How the Work May Affect Customers in the Area

After new water lines are installed, the old water lines will be abandoned in place. To do so properly, OWASA will schedule service interruptions of the water in the area, affecting a small number of customers each time. These typically take 4-6 hours, and will be followed by a Boil Water Advisory. The advisories are typically in place for roughly 24 hours, until lab testing confirms the water remains safe to drink. Affected customers will be notified in advance of each service interruption via the OC Alert system. If you would like more information regarding outages or how to customize your OC Alert preferences, please click here.

The work will involve noise, dust, and mud. Normal working hours are Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Traffic may be slowed in the area with localized lane closures around the immediate work areas. If the street is too narrow to allow for safe passage of vehicles during construction, then the street will be closed to through traffic and OWASA staff will coordinate with individual home owners to allow access.

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