Custoemrs may notice pressure changes and discolored water due to testing of pumps

From Wednesday, October 16th through Thursday the 31st, OWASA customers in a northern area of Chapel Hill and Carrboro may notice pressure changes and/or discoloration of water due to operation of a pump station in northwest Carrboro. A map of the affected area is below.

Weather or other factors may affect the timetable for the pump operation.

OWASA will monitor the operation of the pumps in preparation for cleaning, painting and other work that will start this fall on a water tank west of Piney Mountain Road and Emily Road in Chapel Hill.

The pumps will maintain adequate water pressure and water supply for residential and business uses and fire protection during work on the tank this fall and in the future when the tank will be drained for maintenance, etc.

Water discoloration, which can result from stirring up iron particles that have settled in water pipes, may appear in drinking water during and for a few days after the pump operation. The discoloration does not mean the water is unsafe to drink, but OWASA encourages customers not to use discolored water in laundry, preparing food, etc.

Customers who notice discoloration are asked to run cold water from a faucet or spigot for 5 to 10 minutes. If this does not clear up the water, please call OWASA at 919-968-4421.

The water discoloration may also appear in the ice in ice makers. Customers can use discolored ice to water plants, etc.

The map below shows the area where customers may notice pressure changes or discoloration.

For more information:

Ken Loflin, Water Supply and Treatment Manager, 919-537-4232 or