Rates, Fees and Charges


To provide essential public water, sewer and reclaimed water services, OWASA charges “cost-of-service” rates. That is, the customer receiving a service is charged the full cost that OWASA incurs to provide that service. Rates, fees and charges are based on our long-range financial plan, which is updated each year.

As a community-owned, non-profit public agency, we do not receive taxes from other governmental entities, nor do we levy taxes. Our costs are covered with fees and charges for our services, except for occasional grants for special purposes.

Schedule of Rates, Fees and Charges

Understanding OWASA's Bills

Information for people who receive OWASA water and sewer service but receive monthly bills from a private company.

  • Residents of more than 30 multi-family neighborhoods served by OWASA receive bills from private companies. Please click here for information about State review and approval of private bills for these developments.