Reclaimed water is available at no charge after training in our "bulk fill" program

We offer reclaimed water at no charge at our Mason Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant for people with tanker trucks or other containers that hold at least 50 gallons.

Free training by OWASA is required before use of reclaimed water from OWASA.

For more information, please call our WWTP staff at 919-537-4352 or send e-mail to

Under State standards, reclaimed water can be used for purposes such as:

  • Industrial and commercial cooling water
  • Industrial and commercial toilet flushing and fire prevention where there are separate, non-drinking plumbing lines
  • Washing vehicles
  • Decorative ponds and fountains
  • Firefighting
  • Hydro-seeding and fertilizer mixing
  • Irrigation of public and private landscapes and turf
  • Concrete cutting
  • Make-up water for brine slurry (applied to roads to prevent freezing)
  • Make-up water for preparation of non-drinking chemical solutions, (e.g. pesticide solutions)
  • Non-drinking processes such as concrete production and compost production.
  • Street sweeping (not street cleaning)
  • Sewer cleaning (not washing)
  • Soil compaction and dust suppression for construction
  • Subsurface directional boring (not for construction of wells)