Replacing sewer near Brigham Road, Little Street and Emory Drive

Current status

  • Our contractor has finished installing special structural supports and pipe in the area near the creek. The supports are needed for installation of the new sewer and for the sewers to function properly for the next 60 to 80 years in this highly saturated soil.
  • Over the next several months, the contractor will install the new pipe and manholes in the easement behind the 900-block of Emory Drive as shown in red below.
  • Weather and other conditions at the site have slowed our contractor's progress, and we now estimate that the work may be complete in July 2018. We recognize that the work has been disruptive, especially for those living near Little Street, and we appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we work to complete this very important upgrade to our sewer system.


To help prevent wastewater overflows. The existing sewer is in poor condition and has limited capacity.



Questions or comments?

Please feel free to contact Vishnu Gangadharan, P.E., Engineering Manager – Capital Improvements, 919-537-4248 or