Sedimentation basin restoration at OWASA's Water Treatment Plant

The rehabilitation of OWASA’s sedimentation basin, which we also call "settling tanks", begins January 2019 at the Water Treatment Plant. This $3 million Capital Improvement Project is scheduled to take place throughout 2019 and will be complete in early 2020. 

OWASA treats on average 7 million gallons of water daily. The water originates from University Lake and Cane Creek Reservoir and travels via pipes to the treatment plant. Substances like fine dirt or algae go into our settling tanks, where they literally “settle” to the bottom, before we transport the water – minus these substances – through our filters. 

Some of these tanks were built as early as the 1940s, and the most recent tank was constructed in 1974. Now it’s time to rehabilitate them. More than 40,000 square feet of material will be sand-blasted and coated. Over 4,000 bolts will be removed, and 35 valves will be replaced. At the peak of the project, more than 20 people will be employed as they work to restore the tanks. 

Throughout the process, water quality or availability will not be affected and no customer service will be impacted by the work. From January to March, daily water treatment capacity at OWASA's plant will be 10 million gallons per day, exceeding the daily average of 7 million that the community consumes. Our interconnections with neighboring utilities are ready to be activated should the community require additional capacity. Following this 3-month time period, daily water treatment capacity will return to 20 million gallons per day.

Read more about the community’s water supply, treatment and distribution or request a tour of the Water Treatment Plant to learn more in person!