Sewer work to close part of center turn lane on East Rosemary Street from 8 Pm Tuesday, May 26 to 6 AM Wednesday, May 27

A contractor working for OWASA plans to close part of the center turn lane on East Rosemary Street from 8 PM tonight (Tuesday, May 26) to 6 AM Wednesday, May 27 as shown on the map below. This news release is an update of information OWASA distributed Friday, when the work was planned to begin this morning.

The purpose of the work is to help prevent wastewater overflows from the sewer by relining the pipe to seal cracks where stormwater or groundwater could get into the sewer and exceed its capacity, causing an overflow.

OWASA plans to maintain two-way traffic in the east- and westbound lanes on each side of the turn lane.

During the contractor’s work, drivers will not be able to make left turns through the closed part of the center lane. Drivers will be able to turn right to enter and leave the private parking deck on the north side of Rosemary Street.

If the work is rescheduled due to weather, etc., OWASA will publicize the change.

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