Staff Information


The Board of Directors appoints an Executive Director to serve as OWASA's chief administrative officer. Please click here for our organizational chart.

OWASA Leadership Team

Office of the Executive Director

The Office of the Executive Director provides overall direction and support for staff and assists the Board of Directors as required.

  • Ed Kerwin, Executive Director
    Phone: 919-537-4211
    E-mail: Ed Kerwin
  • Andrea Orbich, Executive Assistant and Clerk to the Board
    Phone: 919-537-4217
    E-mail: Andrea Orbich
  • Mary Tiger, Sustainability Manager and Communications 
    Phone: 919-537-4241
    E-mail: Mary Tiger

General Counsel

The General Counsel is appointed by the Board of Directors to provide legal services to the Board and staff.

  • Robert Epting, Esquire, Epting and Hackney
    Phone: 919-929-0323
    E-mail: Robert Epting


Operations is responsible for the operation and maintenance of OWASA's water, sewer and reclaimed water systems, services and programs.

  • Todd Taylor, P.E., General Manager of Operations
    Phone: 919-537-4216
    E-mail: Todd Taylor
  • Kenneth Loflin, Water Supply and Treatment Manager
    Phone: 919-537-4232
    E-mail: Ken Loflin
  • Jesse DuClau, Manager, Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Systems 
    Phone: 919-537-4280
    E-mail: Jesse DuClau
  • Monica Dodson, Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Recycling Manager
    Phone: 919-537-4205
    E-mail: Monica Dodson

Finance and Customer Service

Finance and Customer Service is responsible for billing and servicing customers; purchasing and contracting; and for the overall management of OWASA's fiscal affairs.

  • Stephen Winters, CPA, Director of Finance and Customer Service
    Phone: 919-537-4230
    E-mail: Stephen Winters
  • Denise Battle, Customer Service Manager
    Phone: 919-537-4293
    E-mail: Denise Battle
  • Kelly Satterfield, Finance and Procurement Manager
    Phone: 919-537-4238
    E-mail: Kelly Satterfield

Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for administration of human resource policies, periodic classification and compensation studies, recruitment of new employees, benefits administration, etc.

  • Stephanie Glasgow, MESH, MPM, PHR, SHRM-CP, Director of Human Resources and Safety
  • Phone: 919-537-4223
    E-mail: Stephanie Glasgow

Engineering and Planning

Engineering and Planning is responsible for OWASA's long-range master planning functions; managing capital improvements; and development activities pertaining to the water, sewer and reclaimed water systems.

  • Mary Darr, P.E.,  Director of Engineering and Planning
    Phone: 919-537-4246
    E-mail: Mary Darr
  • Ruth Rouse, AICP, Planning and Development Manager
    Phone: 919-537-4214

    E-mail: Ruth Rouse
  • Vishnu Gangadharan, P.E., PMP, Engineering Manager (Capital Projects)
    Phone: 919-537-4248
    E-mail: Vishnu Gangadharan
  • Jessica Godreau, P.E., BCEE, Engineering Manager (Systems Development)
    Phone: 919-537-4244
    E-mail: Jessica Godreau