Customer Service

Feel free to contact us any time with questions,requests and comments. Your feedback is invaluable -- it helps us continuously improve our service.

Denise Battle

Customer Service Manager

(919) 537-4293
Angie Smith

Billing Supervisor

(919) 537-4263
After Business Hours
(919) 968-4421
Call Before You Dig

Connecting with you is part of OWASA’s commitment to stewardship of the Carrboro-Chapel Hill community.

Blake Hodge

Communications Specialist

(919) 537-4236

As one of our core values, sustainability factors into all facets of OWASA’s operations. Get in touch with us to learn more about water conservation and our efforts to improve our impact on the environment and society.

Mary Tiger

Strategic Initiatives Manager

(919) 537-4241
Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection

Contact us about needed repairs to drinking water or wastewater pipes, easements and other inquiries related to operations and maintenance.

Jesse DuClau

Manager, Distribution & Collection Systems

(919) 537-4280
Nick Rogers

Assistant Manager, Distribution & Collection Systems

(919) 537-4269
Engineering & Planning

Contact us for information about our Capital Improvements Program, long-range infrastructure plans, third-party projects, OWASA standards & specs, construction fees and other development information.

Vishnu Gangadharan

Director of Engineering and Planning

(919) 537-4248
Third-Party Development Projects
Jessica Godreau

Engineering Manager – Development Services

(919) 537-4244
Long-Range & Regional Planning and Watershed Protection
Ruth Rouse

Planning & Development Manager

(919) 537-4214
OWASA Standards & Specifications
Darren Berger

Engineering Associate

(919) 537-4240
Plan Review
Nick Parker

Engineering Associate

(919) 537-4201
Fees, Permits and Information for Engineers, Technicians and Inspectors
Joe Leo

Engineering Technician

(919) 537-4242
Rick O’Hara

Engineering Technician

(919) 537-4243
Capital Projects
Allison Spinelli

Engineering Manager - Capital Projects

(919) 537-4229
Human Resources

Get in touch with us for job openings, safety policies and more.

Stephanie Glasgow

MESH, MPM, PHR, SHRM-CP, Director of Human Resources & Safety

(919) 537-4223
Kelly Belcher

PHR, SHRM-CP, Human Resources Generalist

(919) 537-4237

For inquiries on billing and servicing customers, purchasing, contracting bids and the overall management of OWASA’s fiscal affairs, contact us at any time.

Stephen Winters

CPA, Director of Finance & Customer Service

(919) 537-4230
For bids, surplus property disposal and other purchasing matters:
Kelly Satterfield

Finance & Procurement Manager

(919) 537-4238
Treatment Plants & Laboratories

Contact our facilities directly to learn more about our treatment processes.

Mary Darr

PE, General Manager of Operations

(919) 537-4246
Chris Giesting

Water Supply and Treatment Manager

(919) 537-4232
Katie Harwell

Water Treatment Plant Laboratory Supervisor

(919) 537-4227
Mason Farm Rd. Wastewater Treatment Plant
Monica Dodson

Wastewater Treatment Plant and Biosolids Recycling Manager

(919) 537-4205
Jennifer Hunter

Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory Supervisor

(919) 537-4206
Lake Recreation

To learn more about recreation at OWASA reservoirs, special events and possible closures, touch base with either lake’s offices.

Cane Creek Reservoir
Johnny Riley

Reservoir and Land Resources Supervisor

(919) 942-5790
University Lake
Justin Blankinship

Lake Warden

(919) 942-8007
Executive Director

The Office of the Executive Director provides overall direction and support for staff and assists the Board of Directors as required. The Board appoints our executive director.

Todd Taylor

PE, Executive Director

(919) 537-4216
For OWASA records, including Board of Directors meetings, minutes and policies:
Andrea Orbich

Executive Assistant/Clerk to the Board

(919) 537-4217