On Thursday night, July 28th, Ms. Dana Stidham and Will Raymond took the oath of office as new members of the OWASA Board of Directors. Mr. Raymond is an appointee of the Chapel Hill Town Council and Ms. Stidham was appointed by the Carrboro Board of Aldermen.

Ms. Stidham’s professional career has included serving as a Planner with the Town of Chapel Hill; Town of Herndon, Va.; and City of Round Rock, TX; and internships with the Texas Transportation Institute and Lower Colorado River Authority.

She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Haverford College in 1995 and a Master of Science in Architecture, Community and Regional Planning from the University of Texas at Austin in 2000.

A Carrboro resident for six years, Ms. Stidham has served on the Town of Carrboro’s Environmental Advisory Board and Transportation Advisory Board, and on the Board of Directors for the Community School for People Under Six.

She and her husband, Craig Raborn, have a 6-year-old daughter, Ally; and a 2-year-old son, Shaler. Originally from Raleigh, Ms. Stidham’s avocations include sailing and kayaking.

Will Raymond has lived in Chapel Hill since 1988. He is a consulting software developer who focuses on enterprise application integration and business process management technologies. Earlier in his career, he was the chief technology/ information officer in the local companies and Blast, Inc.; and worked as an environmental technician and commercial construction inspector.

Mr. Raymond has been a local activist since 2000, concentrating on environmental, development and social justice issues including the Carolina North Development Agreement with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Chapel Hill's Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Management Ordinance; affordable housing policies;  regional watershed protection;  energy building standards; water, noise, air and light pollution controls; the economic development planning process and sustainable solid waste management.

His service on local advisory boards and groups has included the Chapel Hill Technology Board, Horace Williams Citizens Committee on Carolina North, the Downtown Parking Task Force, Sustainability Visioning Task Force, Festifall Planning Committee, Project Connect Planning Committee, Friends of the Lincoln Arts Center and Friends of Bolin Creek.

He received his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from East Carolina University.

Mr. Raymond is married to local artist Ellie Reinhold, a founding member of the Hillsborough Gallery Co-op.  They have a teenage son, Elijah.

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