OWASA seeks comments on Draft Strategic Plan

The OWASA Board of Directors invites citizens to comment and ask questions about the utility’s Draft Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2014 through 2017 in a meeting on Thursday, February 27th, 2014 at 7 PM.

OWASA had originally requested comments and questions on February 13th, but the meeting on that date was canceled due to weather and travel conditions.

The meeting on the 27th will be in the Community Room on the lower floor of the OWASA Administration building at 400 Jones Ferry Road, Carrboro. For a map showing the location, please click here.

The OWASA Board also invites citizens to comment and ask questions by sending an e-mail to boardmembers@owasa.org; sending a letter to 400 Jones Ferry Road, Carrboro, NC 27510; or sending fax to 919-968-4464.

Alan Rimer, Chair of the OWASA Board, said “We have drafted a plan focused on affordability, sustainability, community engagement, stewardship, and technology. The plan is comprehensive but attainable over the plan horizon.”

“We really believe that public involvement is a crucial part of any strategic planning process,” he said. “On behalf of the OWASA Board, I invite all interested citizens to learn about our Draft Strategic Plan and to give us comments and questions prior to or on February 27th.”

The draft plan includes seven strategic initiatives:

1.     Provide reliable and high quality supply of water for the next 50 years

2.     Engage the community

3.     Implement a new customer billing and financial management system (if justified)

4.     Adopt financial management policies and budget decision processes to ensure affordable services and fiscal sustainability

5.     Implement an Energy Management Plan

6.     Implement Advanced Metering Infrastructure

7.     Develop a plan and policy framework for long-term management and disposition of OWASA lands

To read the Draft Strategic Plan, please click here

Citizens who wish to receive a paper copy of the draft plan or who have questions are invited to visit OWASA’s offices in Carrboro; contact OWASA at 919-968-4421 or info@owasa.org; send a letter to OWASA at 400 Jones Ferry Road, Carrboro, NC 27510; or send a fax to 919-968-4464.

The OWASA Board will consider citizens’ comments and questions and may adopt a new Strategic Plan at a regular business meeting on March 13th or a later date.

When a new Strategic Plan is adopted, it will be posted on the OWASA website, publicized in a news release, etc.

For more information

Ed Kerwin, Executive Director, 919-537-4211 or ekerwin@owasa.org