The US Water Alliance asks people to imagine a day without water

October 10 is Imagine a Day Without Water. On this day, the US Water Alliance asks people to imagine waking up and not being able to take a shower, drink coffee, or make a meal. On this day, the Alliance asks people to remember the value of water.

OWASA is making its system more resilient to deliver reliable water and wastewater services to local businesses, homes, and community agencies. We implemented a reliability assessment to reduce risks. We regularly review our capital improvements plans, inspections and preventative maintenance programs, cross-training, and contingency plans for continuous learning.

Investing in water and wastewater infrastructure is investing in the community. This year OWASA is investing $20 million in capital improvement projects – upgrading critical pipes, pumps, equipment, and more – to ensure reliable delivery of high quality water and wastewater to the Carrboro-Chapel Hill communities.

Remembering the value of water, everyone has a role to play in conserving, protecting, and sustaining this vital resource – to ensure it is accessible now and for the needs of future generations. Be a leader in water resilience! Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth; collect rainwater to hydrate your gardens; and don’t flush unused medication down the toilet (take it to the drop box at the local police station instead). View the water conservation tips video to learn more about what you can do!