Umstead Drive has reopened for normal traffic from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Estes Drive Extension due to substantial completion of OWASA’s sewer replacement project along Bolin Creek.

The reopening of Umstead Drive includes its intersections with Village Drive, Pritchard Avenue Extension and Bradley Road, which were affected by installation of the new sewer along Bolin Creek.

“We are happy to report that our contractor, Park Construction of North Carolina, has completed our sewer replacement work ahead of schedule, and we deeply appreciate the patience and understanding of the many residents who have been affected by our work,” said Jeremy Fireline, P.E., OWASA’s Project Manager.  

OWASA and Town of Chapel Hill worked together to inform the community about the sewer project including its effects on traffic access, transit services, Umstead park and a nearby greenway trail.

The sewer project began in January as part of OWASA’s work to prevent wastewater overflows from the public sanitary sewer system by replacing, renewing or improving sewers where necessary. The sewer which OWASA replaced was approaching the end of its useful life and the sewer was not large enough to meet expected future wastewater flows.



  • Stuart Carson, P.E., Engineering Manager for the Capital Improvements Program, at 919-537-4247 or
  • Jeremy Fireline, P.E., Utilities Engineer, 537-4249 or

Town of Chapel Hill: