Update of the Long-Range Water Supply Plan

OWASA is updating its Long-Range Water Supply Plan (LRWSP) to ensure a reliable and high quality supply of water for the community for the next 50 years.  Since it can take many years – even decades - to plan, design, permit, and construct new water supplies, work must be done early to ensure we take timely action to meet drinking water needs far into the future. 

To receive e-mail updates about the LRWSP planning process, please click here.  To provide comments about the LRWSP, please send them to LRWSP@owasa.org.  Further information can also be obtained from Ruth Rouse, Planning and Development Manager at 919-537-4214 or by e-mail


Existing LRWSP (2010)

Project charter for the LRWSP update (March 2014)

Report to the OWASA Board of Directors on November 10, 2016 on goals and objectives for updating the LRWSP

Letter to Towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro and Orange County on November 4, 2016