Wastewater overflow on June 23 near Fordham Boulevard and Erwin Road

OWASA responded on Thursday, June 23rd, to a spill of untreated wastewater from a sewer near Erwin Road and Fordham Boulevard (US 15-501) in Chapel Hill.

OWASA estimates that the intermittent overflow totaled about 1,875 gallons during its known duration from 10:30 AM to  4:45 PM. The spill occurred in an area that drains to Booker Creek.

The overflow occurred because a sewer was blocked by debris.

OWASA staff provided information about the overflow on June 23rd to the NC Division of Water Resources, which is reviewing the matter.

The information above is provided in accord with OWASA policies and House Bill 1160, enacted by the General Assembly in July 1999, which requires distribution of news releases when a wastewater spill of 1,000 gallons or more reaches surface waters.

Additional background information

Information about what OWASA does to prevent overflows and what citizens can do to help prevent overflows is available by clicking here or going to www.owasa.org, clicking on What We Do, then on Wastewater Management and scrolling to OWASA’s annual report on the wastewater system.

For more information:

Randy Horton, Manager, Wastewater Collection and Drinking Water Distribution Systems, 919-537-4280 orrhorton@owasa.org