Water service interruption Friday, September 2, 2016 from 1:30 AM to 7 AM along West Rosemary Street from Church Street to North Columbia Street

In order to relocate a fire hydrant, we will interrupt service on Friday, September 2, 2016 from 1:30 AM to 7 AM along West Rosemary Street from Church Street to North Columbia Street.

The fire hydrant at West Rosemary and Pritchard Avenue will be affected as shown on the map below.

Reminders about service interruptions:

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE WORK MAY NOT BE COMPLETE ON FRIDAY. If there is a delay or if additional work is needed due to weather or other conditions, the service interruption may be rescheduled or extended.

IF YOU WISH TO RECEIVE AN UPDATE BY E-MAIL when service is restored or if there is a change in our plans due to weather, etc., please send your e-mail address to info@owasa.org with your name and address. To check whether the service interruption has been rescheduled, please call 919-968-4421 (24 hour number).

WHEN WATER SERVICE IS OFF, A TOILET WITH A TANK CAN BE FLUSHED ONCE IN THE NORMAL WAY. When you flush a toilet, the tank will be empty until our service is restored or you refill the tank with water from a container. You may be able to flush a toilet by pouring 1-2 gallons of water directly into the bowl.

TURN OFF FAUCETS, SPIGOTS, WASHERS AND OTHER WATER-USING DEVICES if you leave your home or business before or during our service interruption. If water goes through our meter when we turn service on and you are not available, we will turn the service off to prevent possible water waste and/or property damage. We will leave a notice that the water is off and ask you to contact us at 919-968-4421 to get water service turned on. Employees on duty at our water plant will receive calls after normal office hours, and employees who are on call after normal work hours can turn the water on.

WATER DISCOLORATION: We will release water from fire hydrants after the work to bring fresh water into the pipes. This may cause discoloration or air bubbles in our water.

To clear up discoloration, please run cold water through a faucet for 5 to 10 minutes.  If the water does not clear up, please contact us at 919-968-4421 (24 hour number). Discoloration may also appear in ice if you have an ice maker. (You may wish to use any discolored ice to water plants, etc.)


Please contact:

  • Marcus Fuller, Crew Supervisor, at 919-605-4144 (mobile) or mfuller@owasa.org
  • Nick Rogers, Assistant Manager, Distribution and Collection Systems, 919-537-4269, 919-306-1437 (mobile) or nrogers@owasa.org