Water tank renovation near west end of West Cameron Avenue

A contractor hired by OWASA is renovating OWASA’s water tank at Hilltop Lane near the west end of McCauley Street in Chapel Hill.

“This work is part of our ongoing program to take good care of the water system facilities on which our community depends,” said Ken Loflin, OWASA’s Water Supply and Treatment Manager. The renovation will help maintain water quality and reliable water service by protecting the structural integrity of the tank.

The project will not affect water quality, pressures or flows to customers because other tanks in the OWASA water system will remain full and in normal operation.

The water tank will likely be in normal operation by late March but weather or other conditions could affect the schedule.

OWASA has notified the Chapel Hill and Carrboro Fire Departments about plans for the work.

For more information:

Ken Loflin, Water Supply and Treatment Manager, 537-4232 or kloflin@owasa.org