Water Watch is your community's water data, updated daily!

Water Supply

OWASA's water supply is stored in the Cane Creek Reservoir, University Lake and the Quarry Reservoir. OWASA also has a future water supply allocation from Jordan Lake.


Our reserviors are


With no further rainfall, we have enough water to last:



Rainfall in Carrboro in Inches
Yesterday 0.00
Month 3.7
Past 12 Months 60.83
Annual Average 47.29
Risk of Drought Shortage
Conservation Standards in Effect
Year-Round Restrictions

Drinking Water Use

Water from the reservoirs is treated at OWASA's Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant. Drinking water is provided to the Carrboro/Chapel Hill community through about 400 miles of pipe and storage tanks.

Customer Demandmillion gallons per day
Yesterday 6.39
Past 30 Days 5.84
Projected this Month 6.9

Reclaimed Water Use

Reclaimed water is the clean water produced by advanced treatment of wastewater at OWASA's Mason Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant which is used by the University for non-drinking purposes on the main campus.

Customer Demandmillion gallons per day
Yesterday 0.42
Past 30 Days 0.49
Projected this Month 0.76

Water Watch data is uploaded Monday through Friday to give a snapshot of the daily totals for water supply, drinking water consumption, and reclaimed water use across our community. Additional data can be found through the USGS, including streamflow information for Cane Creek and Morgan Creek.