What is backflow prevention and why is it important?

General Information

Our backflow prevention program is designed to protect the public water supply from water that could become contaminated after it has passed through the OWASA system.  We have decided to partner with Backflow Solutions Incorporated (BSI) Online to coordinate the annual testing program.  This means starting November 1, 2017 BSI Online will serve as the primary point of contact for backflow.  BSI Online will send out annual backflow test reports to backflow device owners and, receive all passing backflow test report filings electronically from the OWASA certified backflow testers.  BSI Online will make the information available for the tester and device owner to view. All backflow testers wishing to file backflow test reports must register, login and submit active certification documents. 

Because of the potential for water in a private plumbing system to flow back into the public water system under certain conditions, we require some locations and some equipment/facilities, such as irrigation systems and swimming pools, to have "backflow prevention" devices.  Annual backflow prevention devices testing is required to make sure the devices are working properly.

Backflows may occur when there is a decrease in pressure in one part of the public water system due to a water main leak, during firefighting operations drawing water from hydrant(s), etc.   

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Customer Information

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Backflow Testers

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  • File test reports (Handwritten forms will not be accepted)
  • Register as an OWASA approved Certified Backflow Tester
  • Submit applicable licenses and test kit calibration certificates

Testers wishing to file a form for new construction should reference the pre-construction meeting documents.

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