At OWASA, we value our employees as our most important resource. We provide competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits and a safe, rewarding work environment. We promote diversity and equal opportunity for development and advancement for all employees, and we have been distinguished as a Certified Orange County Living Wage Employer for years.

As a member of the OWASA team, you will play an important role in delivering essential drinking water, wastewater and reclaimed-water services to our customers. Located in the Research Triangle of North Carolina, OWASA is a rewarding place to work, and the North Carolina Piedmont is a great place to live. We dedicate ourselves to excellence in serving customers in all of our services, and we work hard to be good stewards of our water resources.

Our Mission

As a community-owned utility, our goal is to reliably provide you with high-quality water, wastewater and reclaimed-water services through responsible and creative stewardship of the resources we manage.

Our Vision

With the sole responsibility of managing Carrboro-Chapel Hill’s water systems, we aim to provide you with unparalleled service, exceeding your expectations and bettering our community.We are a trusted steward of the communal, environmental and financial resources we manage.

Our Values

OWASA’s core values drive our mission. and the entire OWASA team strives to fulfill them every day.

High-Quality Drinking Water

We provide high-quality drinking water to you through effective management and operation of our water supply. distribution and treatment systems.

Environmental Responsibility

We protect our environment through effective management and operation of our wastewater collection, water reuse, resource recovery and treatment systems.We strive to manage our resources in a sustainable, environmentally responsible manner.

Excellent Customer Service

We always do our best to provide excellent service to you.We lead the industry in engaging our customers, and we extend to you a sincere invitation for opportunities to participate in decisions important to you.

Our Employees

We value our employees as our most important resource, so we provide them competitive compensation and a safe, rewarding work environment that promotes diversity and equal opportunity for all. In fact, OWASA has been designated as a Certified Orange County Living Wage Employer for years.

Affordability & Value

We devote the full measure of our energy and resources to provide you with the best value and services more affordably, and we commit ourselves to continuous improvement.


We embrace the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability.We endeavor to optimize our local water resources and promote staunch conservation of water. energy and other natural resources.

Community Support

We are here to serve you, and we are here to help the community. We provide services consistent with the growth management and land-use plans of Orange County, the Town of Carrboro and the Town of Chapel Hill. We maintain open and positive communication with our member governments and neighboring water utilities, and we cooperate in regional initiatives when appropriate and consistent with OWASA's commitment to the communities we serve.

Innovation & Creativity

We constantly seek innovation and creative methods to accomplish our mission and enhance our services.

National Guard Experience Translates to OWASA for Millie Zeno-Chapman

Millie Zeno-Chapman made her way to OWASA as a Water Treatment Plant Operator after serving in the Army National Guard. At OWASA, Millie knew she could translate the skills she had developed into her new career.

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Each Day a New Opportunity at the Wastewater Treatment Plant for Wil Lawson

Driving across the bridge to OWASA's Wastewater Treatment Plant on Mason Farm Road brings a different responsibility each time for Wil Lawson, the plant's Operations Supervisor.

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Marcus Fuller Keeps the Water Flowing

Valve Maintenance Crew Leader Marcus Fuller knows Carrboro-Chapel Hill’s water works inside and out. Over nearly two decades, he has helped to build, maintain and upgrade the community’s water system.

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Diversity & Inclusion

At OWASA, we work to ensure the diversity of our workforce reflects the communities we serve.We also aim to provide an inclusive environment supportive of each team member in contributing to their full ability towards OWASA’s mission.

Our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) program is stewarded by internal committees with volunteer representatives from across the organization.This includes a Diversity Resource Group, Diversity Recruitment Group and Diversity Leadership Group.

Key activities have included promoting our employee referral program; engaging with different organizations to advertise our jobs in diverse communities; and providing D&I training for employees, managers and Board members. Every team member at OWASA is an important contributor to our Diversity & Inclusion program.